Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The NDP may try to appear to be green, but we can all smell the VOC's blowing out the back-door!

The Green Party of Manitoba (GPM)--and in fact all Manitobans--scored a partial victory with the provinces March 16th decision to have the Clean Environment Commission (CEC) review Louisiana Pacific's (LP) license change request. Now I am not saying that the GPM letter which you can read at:, was the the sole reason for this application being reviewed. There were many individuals and many organizations which sent in letters in opposition to this request, but it does go to show the NDP Government's supposed concern for the environment is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Fifteen years ago, then Leader of the Opposition Gary Doer was instrumental in having the RTO installed, flash forward fifteen years and this government was trying to slip an application to shut-down the RTO through the back-door when nobody was looking because the global economic recession was hurting the lumber industry. Apparently the NDP has forgotten where they came from. Apparently this government has still not grasped the concept that the environment and the economy are inextricably linked. A few dollars of economic activity is not worth the cost of comprising our clean water and fresh air.

This is only a partial victory. It should be a no-brainer but the CEC will want substantive proof as to why the RTO should not be shut-down. While LP has the money to pay for experts to argue their case for them, the ecosystems that sustain us have no legal standing and no bank account, this means that the public must speak up on behalf of these ecosystems. I would encourage all citizens to present on this issue to the CEC, or lend your expertise to the GPM we will certainly be presenting to the CEC!

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Leslie said...

This whole process, as advocated by those who want to see the pollution controls kept in place, is extraordinarily weak politics. Manitobans should not be appealing hat in hand to a committee of government to review a sound environmental decision--with the pollution controls not in effect in the meanwhile. They should be outraged that this government backed down from a responsible regulatory position. And legal quibbles about how much LP may be able to extend the case in the courts are beside the point: if necessary the legislature can force the plant's closure, and Green politics should be showing the NDP how to do that.